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Our customers' favorite wraps bundled together

Save $5 on each bundle

Core Connection + Speak Your Truth Wrap Bundle
Speak Your Truth + Sacred Womb Wrap Bundle
My Lulus Breast Pads + Speak Your Truth + Sacred Womb Wrap Bundle
Core Connection + Speak Your Truth + Sacred Womb Wrap Bundle

Customer Bundle Reviews

I LOVE my castor oil packs from Arandi ❤️ They are so comfortable that I can sleep with them all night and there’s no oily mess at all. I bought all of them and I can’t wait to try the essential oil blends next. So grateful for these simple but life changing tools. I recommend them to everyone

I was leary about the "magic" of castor oil packs. I've been going through some health challenges and finally caved in an effort to help my liver. I also tried a different (leading/recommended) pack and hated it. It was bulky, bunched up and just flat out annoyed me. I love how my Arandi pack just molds to my body and stays put pretty well unless I move around a lot while wearing. Wish I'd done it long ago!

I love the product already because it’s amazing and costumer service even more. I ordered this 3 pack plus the oil and I definitely will be buying some more for my sisters and nieces. Recommend 💯 %👏🙌