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Organic castor oil packs for the mind, body and spirit

Our Story

Millions of women around the world are powerless when it comes to their own bodies. All of our hope and trust goes into our doctors, believing that they will heal us. But what happens when your intuition is saying, "There has to be a better, more natural way of healing".

After being diagnosed with an ovarian cysts and told I had to operate, everything inside of me screamed "NO". After some investigation, I found out about the healing power of castor oil. I began applying daily castor packs to my lower abdomen and saved myself from an unnecessary operation.

Feeling so blessed and empowered by the power of castor oil in quickly reducing the size of ovarian cysts, Arandi was born.

Our mission is to empower and inspire women to self-heal their bodies by integrating the powerful healing benefits of castor oil packs and re-establishing a deep connection to their inner self. You're not just joining a community; you're embracing a powerful movement of women taking healing into their own hands.

Founder of Arandi - Lucia

Experience Arandi Castor Oil Packs

Crafted with utmost love and healing intention, Arandi wraps feature a skin-loving inner layer made from 82% organic cotton sherpa, ensuring a gentle and natural touch against your skin. Complementing this is a thin outer layer of polyurethane TPU, designed for minimal mess and maximum efficiency, all without coming into contact with your skin to prevent any potential leakage issues. Arandi fabrics are produced in the USA.

In stark contrast to imitations, which often employ chemically processed fabrics like organic bamboo blended with plastic fibers, we prioritize the quality of what touches your skin. Our commitment to cleanliness and being chemical-free is our foremost priority, ensuring your peace of mind and comfort.

Arandi vs Others

Made in the USA

100% chemical free castor oil wraps, produced from U.S grown cotton 

Original Designs

Sacred Womb, Speak Your Truth and My Lulus Breast Pads are Original Arandi Wrap designs inspired by our customers. Beware of imitation castor wraps on the market


We care about the future of our planet and express this through our recycled and/ or biodegradable packaging

Our Mission

Arandi is a female operated shop in Oregon. We specialize in organic castor oil packs for all of your castor oil needs. We offer organic cotton castor oil wraps, castor oil blends for different conditions, an 8oz cold-pressed castor oil bottle and a roll-on castor oil bottle for on the go. Our mission is to inspire women to reconnect with their bodies, recognize the healing power of they have within and empower self-healing.

Why Us?

Arandi wraps are handmade in the USA and made of organic U.S grown cotton. Our castor blends are specially formulated for menstrual pain, ovarian cysts, fibroids (uterine and breast) endometriosis, liver detox, fertility, PMS, constipation and hormone balance. Arandi castor oil is certified organic, cold-pressed, hexane-free and arrives in an amber glass bottle.

Our vision

We believe in the power of healing our own bodies and it is our mission is to bring awareness to women's womb imbalances by empowering, educating and inspiring self-healing via castor oil packs and reconnecting to their body and spirit.