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Your Path to Deep Relaxation and Natural Healing

We believe in the power of healing our own bodies and it is our mission to bring awareness to women's womb imbalances by empowering, educating and inspiring self-healing via castor oil packs.

Step-by-Step Process

Apply Castor Oil

Apply the oil directly to your body (ie. neck, breasts, liver/ gut, womb, kidneys etc). Relax for 30-60 min. Liver and womb treatment wrap can be worn overnight.

How to Wash

Castor Wraps can be washed after 3-5 uses. Place in a bowl of hot water and natural soap, let sit for 20-30 minutes. Squeeze out the excess water and hang to dry. See FAQ below for more detailed instructions.

How to Store

Store your wrap back in the jute bag in arrived in and keep in room temperature. No need to place in a the fridge.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes deep relaxation and stress reduction
  • Supports natural healing processes
  • Reduces inflammation, swelling, soreness and pain
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage

Arandi Castor Pack Ritual

You're detoxing your physical body with castor oil packs – but what about your emotional body? Download your FREE Castor Pack Ritual Guide, where I guide you in RE-connecting with your body, creating a sacred ritual and turning your current castor pack therapy into a whole-body healing intentional practice.

Customers most asked questions

This FAQ is informative, not a replacement for medical advice. Consult your doctor before using castor oil to treat any medical condition.

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