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Organic My Lulus Breast Pads

Sale price$40.00 USD

Organic My Lulus Breast Pads
Organic My Lulus Breast Pads Sale price$40.00 USD

Our breasts, are extensions of our hearts, and serve as the conduit for both giving and receiving love.

Castor Oil on breast improves

Improve Circulation

Castor oil packs may help increase blood flow to the breast area. This improved circulation could help deliver oxygen and nutrients, supporting overall breast tissue health and reducing discomfort related to fibroids.

Reduces Inflammation

Castor oil is known to stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps remove toxins and waste products. Enhanced lymphatic drainage in the breast area could reduce congestion and improve overall tissue health, potentially offering some relief from fibroid-related discomfort.

Reduced Scarring

Castor oil contains fatty acids that deeply penetrate the skin and acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the scar. This hydration can soften existing scar tissue and encourage a smoother, less visible appearance.

Enhance Your Castor Pack journey with a ritual

We've carefully crafted castor oil pack rituals to enhance your castor pack practice, offering a more profound journey towards healing your mind, body, and spirit.

Customer Reviews

"Beautifully packaged, quick shipping and excellent quality for both the pads and the castor oil blend. The oil is not overly fragrant but the essential oils lend an herbal touch to the experience. The cups are well-made and the outside is waterproof material that greatly limits the mess of castor oil soaking! I bought the largest size in order to also reach my underarm and lymph nodes. It is a great size for that purpose. I truly loved my first two times using the breast castor oil pack."

"The best customer service! Great product, I use it nightly and love the instructions and help that comes with it too! It's really well made and helpful to not get castor oil everywhere as much as other cloths do."

"The breast pads are comfortable, with extra coverage, and keep things clean while I'm detoxing. They are a great way to support lymph drainage."